2fallasleep2 (ft. Hyphon and Stephen Sauer)

by Dug & Happy Tooth

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This is the first single from Dug & Happy Tooth. which is the moniker Happy Tooth & Dug use when they make music together without the band. Featuring Hyphon and Stephen Sauer. Beat by Mr. Dufaux.
Album art by Adula: www.instagram.com/x_26a/


Hyphon: I got my pajamas and my footies.
My favorite book and a hot cup of milk.
I got a little bit of music on a playlist.
And my sheets are made of silk. Watch out!
Feather bed, a light scent of Downey.
Calm darkness totally surrounding.
Imagine the feeling is floating and the sound is
wind rustling, leaves grounding.
You let your eyelids get heavy.
I coulda had my erector set ready.
Go for it, but don't worry about me Betty,
I was headed for this pillow before the sun was setting.

Stephen Sauer: (Chorus) Rap music you can fall asleep to. x4

Happy Tooth: I've been rappin to my pillow, laughin in my sleep, half awake and I still doze off and the bills get lost.
Where's today's mail? Lookin at the gray-scale.
Safe to say this dream is a safe fail.
I ain't well, and I've been grinding my teeth.
Dying to sleep, trying to speak,
but everything I say is outta either spite or grief.
An honest insomniac, who only wants something beyond a nap.
I just need a spot to lay my head, what's wrong with that?


Dug: I learned how to write cause it's harder to learn to sleep.
I was counted as a sheep and it kept me up for weeks.
Now it's Downey as a duck feather,
pen sending love letters,
feeling much better in my Dug sweater.
Comfortable, wonderful.
World peace on a beach, kitten stretching.
Relax, eat snacks, keep resting.
No more thorn pillows, some warm, warm milk though.
Why can't I fall asleep without playing a radio?


Hyphon: Duck down, flip the pillow and drool more.
You wanna be back in the window aisle of the tool store.
With a gray skinned alien and Julian Moore, before it becomes your high school prom in a huge storm.(T.A.L.)
Trips the norm, the tune is viral.
The moon is title, while your mood is vital.
Remove fan dials, snooze is mild.
Let it be all, "Ooooh child."
Until your days lessons turn from alphabet soup to filed.


Happy Tooth: I'm sellin melatonin.
I'm pretty sure Hell is frozen.
Knock hard, I might be asleep
and the bell is broken.
But I'm always counting sheep,
in the crowd or in the beat.
Everyone I've ever met is valiantly sound asleep.
Is this a dream or our collective reality?
Sleepwalkin off the balcony down into the crowded streets.
Hopin Mom's proud of me, like we are of our tall towers.
I haven't slept a wink and so I think at all hours.


Dug: My circadian rhythms were crazy as pigeons.
Playin cicadas, praying, fishing in tornadoes.
Still awake, daydreaming in the middle of the night.
Pick a riddle, pick a fight with it.
I warned myself I'd do it.
Bore a hole in the floor where I pace and wait.
This is a sleeping song.
The sounds of waterfalls and static and
everything you believe in is wrong.
Good night folks.
It's probably not gonna be alright,
so you need some.


released November 29, 2015
Lyrics by: Dug, Happy Tooth, and Hyphon.
Featuring Hyphon. Beat by Mr. Dufaux.
Mixed by Ryan Liptak and mastered by Mark Abrams at Vaughan Music Studios. Album art by Adula: www.instagram.com/x_26a/



all rights reserved


Dug & Happy Tooth Columbus, Ohio

Dug and Happy Tooth are solo rap entities from Columbus, Ohio. They are in a band called Happy Tooth & Dug. But when they make music together still but without the band they are Dug & Happy Tooth. They like rapping.

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