Eviction Notices For Spiders Living In My Brain

by Dug & Happy Tooth

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This is a random track featuring Dug and Fringe Owl.
Beat by The Alchemist.
Album art is an old Chris Cropper drawing from a couple years ago.
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Fringe Owl: logging off Facebook
getting robbed in the streets?
lunatic’s inside of me
i thought tonight, so silently
but God still heard me
crying out so desperately
violent dreams
waking up to people always crowding me
a proud virgin for a while
to some, an oddity
learned how to be at peace with every part of me
me me me
selfishness devoured me
now it’s time to plant these trees
giving life to watered seeds
and my wife is imaginary
at least i own these thoughts to share
quiet library
inside madison square
don’t mean wisconsin
plot thickening, it’s scary to see
like based mob, I’m rare
i got no fair
but i paid my dues
never made the news for broken records
i scratched vinyl, it just sounded whack
I’m bout to spazz, pocket protector plan
water’s poison to alcoholics who wobble past
where is waldos at?
I spy second childhoods, sad
mister rogers ass? i went to rehab
probly where you’re headed too my friends
never born a stan
destined, forever to be the man
nas, stillmatic
no spraying, laughter still “canned”
Happy Tooth: We demonize what we don't understand.
Used to seem alive and never ever wanted fans.
Earned respect. Took that, put it in my bookbag.
I've always been a hoodrat, learned I could rap, never looked back.
Shook cats for a good laugh, never played a plagiarist.
Emcees have been fakin wit. Save the shit cause you're made of it.
I'll annex your territory.
Gorey stories to share the glory.
I'll make you scared of morning.
All of this, while barely touring.
The whole crew is mischievous.
That's what never sleeping does.
The systems been impeding us.
The neighborhood stopped speaking up.
We never eat enough.
Food here is a damn mirage.
Camouflaged, hand to God, get a paycheck and it's gone.
Writin my own epilogue to try and stay ahead of God.
Feelin better off, being lead along, by just a song.
Show me where the loudest crowd is.
I'm sleepin on your couches.
Poverty constantly.
Put my money where my mouth is.
Dug: Eviction notices for spiders living in my brain.
They know I'm kidding,
over getting convinced it's not the same without em.
Blame it on the thetans or Satan,
I'm spacing on the proper nomenclature.
Wait, that's a tangent, my bad.
We've been so patient for awakening,
taken with a complacency the things they make us believe,
as it turns out are make believe.
Form is emptiness but that's a form.
And everything is averages, fill out a form.
And that's a norm, like castle wars and wait a second...
We really just can't hang out everyone?
Come on really now,
The Sermon On The Mount was plenty.
John Lennon was a bonus fuckers.
You're all such suckers for structures.
Here's one, how bout no one suffers please.
I'll admit I was optimistic when ya'll started rolling up your sleeves.
It's basically the law that we all hate to be alive.
The only alternative to the vacancy inside
is alternative music, the truth is fake, your dreams a lie.
So obviously your only hope is to follow what I say. (yeah)


released November 12, 2016
Raps by Fringe Owl, Happy Tooth, and Dug.
Beat by The Alchemist.



all rights reserved


Dug & Happy Tooth Columbus, Ohio

Dug and Happy Tooth are solo rap entities from Columbus, Ohio. They are in a band called Happy Tooth & Dug. But when they make music together still but without the band they are Dug & Happy Tooth. They like rapping.

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